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'Lack of compassion' for cancer patients in UK

Cancer patients are having to deal with a "lack of compassion" from healthcare workers, despite their ill health, a leading charity has said. Macmillan Cancer Support warned 17% of patients were spoken to by their doctor as if they were not there.

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Many cancer patients suffer 'lack of compassion'

Too many cancer patients are being shown a "lack of compassion" by the healthcare staff who are meant to be caring for them, a leading healthcare charity has found.

Some cancer patients felt their doctor was talking to them as if they were not there, the report said. Credit: PA

One fifth complained of felling like a "set of symptoms" rather than a person battling a deadly disease, according to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Meanwhile 17% of patients said their doctor spoke to them as though they were not even there.

Macmillan said that it is a "national shame" that patients are being treated with a lack of dignity.

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