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'Lack of compassion' for cancer patients in UK

Cancer patients are having to deal with a "lack of compassion" from healthcare workers, despite their ill health, a leading charity has said. Macmillan Cancer Support warned 17% of patients were spoken to by their doctor as if they were not there.

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Macmillan criticises state of cancer care in UK

Macmillan Cancer Support have hit out at the state of British cancer care, claiming the system is still broken as patients face deadly diseases without adequate emotional support from doctors and nurses.

"Any notions that cancer care in the UK is 'fixed' are rubbished by our findings," said Macmillan Cancer Support's chief executive Ciaran Devane.

While the NHS does amazing things every day, it is a national shame that our cancer survival rates are amongst the worst in Europe, that patients are being treated with a lack of dignity, or being denied a 'good' death.

Cancer patients no longer either simply get cured or die. Many live a long time but struggle with serious health problems.

With the number of people living with cancer set to increase, political parties must ask themselves - how will we cope with these growing numbers when we cannot even meet the needs of many people today?

– Ciaran Devane

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