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Landslide in remote Afghan village leaves over 2,100 dead

More than 2,100 people have been killed in an Afghanistan landslide, the Provincial Governor's spokesman said. The landslide hit the north-eastern Badakshan region.

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Aid effort turns to those displaced by Afghan landslide

Rescue efforts have turned to taking food, water and shelter to the survivors of the massive landslide in Afghanistan, as officials said they did not expect to find anyone alive beneath the mud.

Figures on the number of people killed and missing in yesterday's disaster varied from 255 to 2,700. Fears of a new landslide com plicated rescue efforts, as homes and residents sat buried under deep mud.

Video report by ITV News Reporter Ronke Phillips.

Further risk of landslides is hampering relief efforts, and there has been widespread confusion as to the death toll.

Approximately 300 homes were destroyed, but counting the dead has been difficult as the number of people in their homes when it hit is unclear.

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