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Deadly blasts hit Kenyan cities

At three people have been killed in a bomb attack in Nairobi today, as two buses were hit. The blasts come just one day after three people were killed in two explosions in Kenya's port city of Mombasa.

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Blast came from device in minibus at transport terminal

One of the two blasts in Mombasa, Kenya happened at a busy bus transport terminal, known as Mwembe Tayari, where a device inside a minibus exploded killing three people, according to witnesses.

Blasts were heard in Mobassa. Credit: Google Maps

A second blast was heard at the Reef Hotel, which lies along the Indian Ocean coastline but no casualties were reported in that explosion.

The Kenyan coast's large Muslim minority, many of whom feel marginalised by the predominantly Christian government, have been a fertile recruitment ground for Islamist militant networks.

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