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TV shows 'should carry warnings' to protect children

TV shows should carry warnings at the start to stop children being exposed to inappropriate, violent or explicit material, headteachers have said.

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TV that's harmful to children 'a fundamental concern'

Responding to calls for pre-watershed TV shows to feature warnings to stop children from viewing inappropriate material, regulator Ofcom said it has issued new guidance that says unsuitable material that should not generally be shown before 9pm.

It includes "everything from sexual content to violence, graphic or distressing imagery and swearing," the regulator said.

An Ofcom spokesman said:

The protection of under 18s from inappropriate material is a fundamental concern for Ofcom. There are clear broadcasting rules designed to protect children, which we actively enforce.

We recently issued new guidance on the TV watershed, warning broadcasters to be more careful about programmes they show before 9pm that could be unsuitable for children.

We constantly monitor audience attitudes and our research shows that the vast majority of adults believe the current level of TV regulation is about right.

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