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Cameron offers more Typhoons for Nato air mission

Britain will offer another two Typhoon warplanes to patrol the skies of eastern Europe amid continuing tensions with Russia over the Ukraine cris, David Cameron has said.

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UK says Russian hypocrisy 'breathtaking' over Ukraine

Britain has accused Moscow of "breathtaking" hypocrisy after violent clashes between pro-Russian militia and Ukraine's army escalated the crisis.

Pro-Russian activists hurl objects at supporters of the Kiev government during clashes in the streets of Odessa Credit: Reuters

At an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council, the UK's ambassador Sir Mark Lyall Grant said Russia "funded, equipped and directed" some of those involved in the insurgency.

Sir Mark said: "The scale of Russian hypocrisy is breathtaking. Russia stoutly supports and indeed arms the most repressive regimes in the world, notably Syria, a regime which brutally represses dissent without any sense of restraint or concern for the protection of civilians.

"Russia's synthetic indignation of Ukraine's proportionate and measured actions convinces no one."

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