Crash victim survives for a week in upturned car

An American woman who crashed her car into a wood survived for six days in the upturned vehicle without any food or water.

The upturned car Kristin Hopkins survived in for a week with no food or water after a crash in Colorado. Credit: AP

Kristin Hopkins, a mother-of-four, was registered on the statewide missing persons' database in Colorado when she disappeared on April 27.

She was not discovered until Sunday when a motorist spotted her flipped car at the bottom of an embankment, about 80 feet below the motorway, and called the emergency services, NBC News reported.

The extremely dehydrated 43-year-old managed to use an umbrella to pass notes through a broken window, that appeared to read: "six days, no food, no water; please help me; need a doctor," firefighter Jim Cravener said.

She is now in a critical condition in hospital and will have to have both of her feet amputated, her family said.

Cravener said: "It's really something off that 'Shouldn't Be Alive' show. She really had a strong will to survive."