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Warning over 'needless' asthma deaths

Poor care is leading some asthma patients to die needlessly, a damning new report has found. Experts from the Royal College of Physicians found at least one "major potential avoidable factor" in 67% of the asthma deaths they investigated.

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Mismanagement of hay fever 'can lead to hospital visits'

Allergy UK says ineffective management of serious hay fever is a key factor in the increasing number of hospital admissions for asthma:

Asthma is rarely addressed in the management of hay fever, even though allergic rhinitis can impact hugely on this chronic life-long disease, resulting in asthma attacks and in the most extreme cases, hospitalisation and even death.

In an age of ever greater healthcare advances, it is simply unacceptable that hay fever is not more appropriately treated.

– Maureen Jenkins, Clinical Services Director, Allergy UK

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