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'Skull Cracker' robber captured in armed raid

The convicted robber known as the Skull Cracker has been arrested after an armed raid in Surrey this morning. Police say Michael Wheatley - who fled Standford Hill open prison on Saturday - has been detained.

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Policing Minister to make open prisons 'tougher'

Minister for Policing, Criminal Justice and Victims has addressed the House of Commons and responded to concerns over the escape of 'Skull Cracker' robber Michael Wheatley, a violent offender who absconded from an open prison.

Policing minister Damian Green. Credit: PA

Damian Green said: "Many of us share the concern at people absconding. The number of people absconding from open prisons has, of course, gone down but I hope he is reassured that...

"...we are already in the process of making the conditions for those sent to open prison tougher both in terms of those qualifying to go to open prisons and also the punishments received for those who break the terms."

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