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FA plan to introduce B teams and new League Three

Football Association chairman Greg Dyke has set out proposals to help the England team including the introduction of B teams in a new 'League Three', overhauling the work permit system and increasing the number of home-grown players in squads.

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FA wants introduction of B teams to help England

The Football Association's chairman Greg Dyke has presented the findings of his England Commission report, which was set-up to look at ways of improving the national team's fortunes.

The major points in the report were:

  • The much reported B team concept is accurate with a separate league (League 3) between League 2 and the Conference.
  • Premier League clubs would be given the option to enter League 3 or the Conference. They could not be promoted beyond League 1.
  • This new league 3 would consist of the top 10 conference teams and perhaps 10 Premier League B teams.

The other major issue is home grown players and the number of mediocre non-EU players who are granted work permits even though current regulations are supposed to bar all but the exceptionally talented.

  • The FA believes that no non-EU players should be allowed to join any club outside the Premier League.
  • They are in favour of introducing a cap of two non-EU players in any Premier League squad.

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