Football fans react angrily to League 3 proposal

The FA's proposal to overhaul English football with a new 'League 3' has been widely criticised on Twitter, with many fans warning that it would be detrimental to lower league clubs.


This League 3 malarkey is ridiculous. Would severely undermine the Football League and completely destroy the structure of English football.


Fair distribution of the game's wealth would achieve 1000 times more than this execrable League 3 nonsense.


A new 'League 3' shouldn't happen, it's stupid, basically making a mockery of the lower league clubs #NoToBLeague

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FA plan to introduce B teams and new League Three

Football Association chairman Greg Dyke has set out proposals to help the England team including the introduction of B teams in a new 'League Three', overhauling the work permit system and increasing the number of home-grown players in squads.