Three missing after hot air balloon accident in Virginia

Three people are missing following a hot air balloon accident in the US state of Virginia.

The balloon burst into flames after hitting a power line in the town of Doswell on Friday evening.

Virginia state police spokeswoman Corinne Geller said: "Witnesses tell us they heard two explosions from the hot air balloon and at one point the gondola and the balloon separated and then the baloon took off at a rapid pace."

The balloon caught fire after apparently hitting a power line. Credit: APTN

Officials say they are now searching for two crash sites, one where the balloon landed and another where the gondola landed.

There was a pilot and two passengers on board, but search parties have yet to find any wreckage or any sign of the missing people.


Third body found after hot air balloon accident in US

Three bodies have been found after a hot air balloon hit power lines and caught fire in Virginia, US. Police are still searching for the balloon and basket.