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Cameron 'will not lead country without referendum'

about 3 hours ago

Cameron 'will not lead country without referendum'

David Cameron has renewed his pledge of an in-out referendum on Europe in 2017, and says he will not lead the country if he cannot guarantee to provide the vote.

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Cameron takes swipe at 'Dad's Army politicians'

In a Sunday Telegraph article today, Mr Cameron insisted that only the Conservatives can deliver reform in the EU and a referendum.

Speaking about Conservative party rivals for the European election, David Cameron referenced Dad's Army character Private Frazer:

There are politicians who refuse to be upbeat about Britain.

To them, pessimism equals patriotism.

They insist that our best days are behind us and that everything is bound to get worse.

Like Private Frazer politicians they're perennially crying out that 'we're all doomed'.

– David Cameron - Daily Telegraph

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