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Cameron 'will not lead country without referendum'

about 3 hours ago

Cameron 'will not lead country without referendum'

David Cameron has renewed his pledge of an in-out referendum on Europe in 2017, and says he will not lead the country if he cannot guarantee to provide the vote.

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PM tells floating voters to back his 'optimistic' future

Prime Minister David Cameron has called on the country's floating voters to shun the "doom-mongers" and back his "optimistic" vision for the country in this month's European elections.

Cameron has called on voters Credit: Joe Giddens/PA Wire

Writing in The Sunday Telegraph today, the Conservative leader says he understands voter scepticism but has underlined his key objectives his government is working on:

"I have set out, very clearly, the key areas we are renegotiating on: keeping our border controls; cracking down on benefit tourism; securing more trade; getting more control over justice and home affairs; and getting Britain out of 'ever closer union.

"Once we've negotiated, whatever the outcome, the British people will have the final say on our future in Europe, with that in-out referendum in 2017," he said.

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