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Cameron 'will not lead country without referendum'

about 3 hours ago

Cameron 'will not lead country without referendum'

David Cameron has renewed his pledge of an in-out referendum on Europe in 2017, and says he will not lead the country if he cannot guarantee to provide the vote.

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PM: Ukip benefitted from 'difficult recession'

Ukip has benefitted from "a very tough and difficult recession" and engaged voters because of their "popular policies and great rhetoric", David Cameron told Good Morning Britain.

The Prime Minister urged voters not to be swayed by Nigel Farage's anti-EU party and instead stick with the Conservatives who stand for the "politics of the answer".

"When you have had a difficult recession, when you have problems like a welfare system that needs reform and problems with the European Union it is quite easy for someone to come along with some popular messages and some great rhetoric."

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