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Children not getting 'essential vitamins', experts warn

Young children are not getting the essential vitamins they need because parents are not giving them supplements, experts warned. The Health Food Manufacturers' Association found 59% of parents were not giving their children vitamin D supplements.

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Rising obesity 'reducing effective levels' of Vitamin D

The rising number of people with obesity is "reducing the effective levels" of Vitamin D the body can use, an expert has warned.

Dr Adrian Martineau, Vitamin D expert and clinical reader in respiratory infection and immunity at Queen Mary University of London, said:

Vitamin D is also a fat-soluble hormone and as such, gets stored in the body's fat reserves - where it is unable to carry out its normal role.

With rising levels of obesity, more of us have greater amounts of body fat and this is reducing the effective levels of vitamin D.

This further highlights the importance of supplementation in this nutrient as a public health issue.

– Dr Adrian Martineau

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