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Zero hours workers 'too afraid to look for work'

Workers on zero hours contracts are often too afraid to look for other jobs and lack the sense of security others in full-time employment enjoy, a study from the conciliation service Acas found.

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Zero hours workers afraid to job hunt

Employees on zero hours schemes are too afraid to search for a new job and feel excluded from the sense of security other full-time workers enjoy, a study has shown.

Workers on zero hours are too afraid to look for work elsewhere because they already feel committed to one employer, the survey showed. Credit: PA

Conciliation service Acas said it was receiving around 70 calls a week about zero hours contacts, and a feeling of "effective exclusivity" of being tied to a single employer was emerging as a major concern.

Their data showed many zero hours workers experienced "a deep sense of unfairness and mistrust".

The Government has been consulting on the use of zero hours contracts amid calls from unions and campaign groups to have them banned.

Labour has pledged to tackle abuses of zero hours contracts if it wins the next general election.

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