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Homeland and 24 make 'torture acceptable' say Amnesty

More people in Britain believe torture can be justified than in Russia - thanks to popular TV shows such as 24, Homeland and Spooks, a new poll conducted by Amnesty International has said.

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Amnesty: 'Programmes like Homeland glorify torture'

Speaking about the findings Kate Allen, director of Amnesty International UK, said:

These findings are alarming, we really didn't foresee this sort of response.

People have bought into the idea that their personal safety can be enhanced in some way through the use of torture. That is simply untrue.

Programmes like 24, Homeland and Spooks have glorified torture to a generation - but there's a massive difference between a dramatic depiction by screenwriters, and its real-life use by government agents in torture chambers.

We decided as a society, a long time ago, that torture is simply wrong and can never be justified in any circumstances.

– Kate Allen

The torture survey showed 15% of people in the UK, around three in 20, fear being tortured if they are detained by the authorities - while 86% agreed clear rules against torture were needed.

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