Boris Johnson: 'I'm like an overweight Belgian tourist'

Boris Johnson and Nick Clegg have been recognised as unlikely radio stars at an industry awards ceremony.

The Mayor of London and the Deputy Prime Minister - together with presenter Nick Ferrari and the rest of their LBC production team - were given the title for the "innovative strand" of programmes for their phone-in shows featuring the pair.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg (left) and Mayor of London Boris Johnson on the LBC phone in. Credit: PA Wire

Mr Johnson joked: "Well this is absolutely absurd. Of course I know I'm not really the recipient - I'm like an overweight Belgian tourist being propelled to the summit of this Everest by the skills of superior Alpinists, our LBC production team.

"I'd like to thank the efforts of the great Sherpa, Clegg, and the people of London who have listened in their dozens and called in, and to my fellow overweight Alpiniste, Nick Ferrari."

The Radio Academy judges praised the team behind the shows for placing politicians "front of mic, hosting their own show, on a regularly scheduled basis, something never before attempted on UK radio".