Pfizer unprepared to extend commitments to UK

Pfizer's boss Ian Read is appearing at a business select committee on the US company's proposed takeover of AstraZeneca. ITV News Business Editor Joel Hills has tweeted:


Pfizer commitments to Britain last for 5 years. Ian Read says he would not be prepared to extend them, already "unprecedented".


Pfizer boss says Takeover Panel has power to take it to High Court if breaks pledges to UK. Although he can't think of precedent.

Read: Pfizer has 'gone hostile' with appeal to AstraZeneca shareholders


Ed Miliband: 'Serious concerns' over proposed Pfizer deal

Following a brief 30 minute with Pfizer chief executive Ian Read after today's hearing Mr Miliband said: "There are serious concerns about this proposed takeover. There are too many unanswered questions about British science and British industry".