PM: Labour MP 'quite wrong' to liken Pfizer to 'rapists'

The Prime Minister feels Labour MP Austin Mitchell was "quite wrong" to liken Pfizer to "rapists" in a Twitter post, his official spokesman has told reporters.

File photo of David Cameron with Union flag behind him.
David Cameron feels Austin Mitchell was 'quite wrong' to liken Pfizer to 'rapists' in a Twitter post. Credit: Joe Giddens/PA Wire

Asked if David Cameron thought Mr Mitchell should be disciplined by his party, the spokesman said, "He does think this is something for the Labour Party."

Mr Mitchell's original tweet also suggested Mr Cameron "dare not stop Pfizer because he dare not offend the US in any way".


Labour MP reprimanded over Pfizer 'rapists' tweet

A veteran Labour MP has been reprimanded over an "unacceptable" remark likening US drug giant Pfizer to "rapists" over its bid to take over British rival AstraZeneca.