Rates rise could be sting in tail after unemployment fall

ITV News Economics Editor Richard Edgar has tweeted:


Unemployment drops to 6.8% in 3 months to March. Great news but comes with possible sting in the tail: an earlier rise in interest rates.


That fall driven by the biggest rise in number of people with jobs since records began in 1971, up 283,000


Less good news on wages. Overall pay up 1.7% - now outpacing inflation (1.6%) but it's lower than expected and pay ex bonuses only 1.3%

Read: Unemployment falls by 133,000 to 2.21 million


Unemployment falls by 133,000 to 2.21 million

Unemployment fell by 133,000 between January and March to 2.21 million, official figures showed. The Office for National Statistics also said the number of people claiming jobseeker's allowance last month fell by 25,100 to 1.12 million.