Families continue to wait outside Soma mine

Relatives of miners wait outside the mine in Soma, for news of their loved ones. Credit: AP Pictures

Relatives of miners trapped inside the Soma mine are continuing to wait outside for news of their loved ones.

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Families of miners wait outside the mine for news. Credit: AP Pictures

This morning the last miners expected to be rescued alive emerged from the collapsed pit this morning.

Rescue teams recovered more bodies this morning, and the death toll is expected to rise.

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The lists of those missing and recovered is inspected by a family member. Credit: Reuters

Unions have called for a nation-wide strike to protest against poor safety standards in mining. They are furious at what they described as "the brutal production processes" at the mine.

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Turkish police have detained 19 people, including mining company executives, as part of an investigation into the Soma mining disaster, Reuters have reported citing Turkish media.