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Turkey: 'Mining execs detained' after disaster kills hundreds

Turkish police have detained 19 people, including mining company executives, as part of an investigation into the Soma mining disaster, Reuters have reported citing Turkish media.

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Turkey unions call for national strike

Four unions in Turkey have called for a nation-wide one day strike after the country's worst industrial disaster killed at least 282 people.

Rescue efforts were hampered as the fire knocked out the electricity supply. Credit: Reuters

Unions are furious over what they claim are diminishing safety standards since the formerly state-run mine in Soma, southwest of Istanbul, was leased to a private firm. In a statement, the unions urged people to wear black and said:

"Hundreds of our worker brothers in Soma have been left to die from the very start by being forced to work in brutal production processes in order to achieve maximum profits."

"We call on the working class, labourers and friends of labourers to stand up for our brothers in Soma."

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