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Number of children calling ChildLine doubles in a year

The number of children calling ChildLine to confide in a counsellor about their parents' drinking and drug abuse has doubled in the past year, the charity has revealed.

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Children of addicts have to 'cover up something sad'

Children of parents who abuse drugs and alcohol have to "cover up something that is so dreadfully sad" while trying to grow up themselves, the adult child of an alcoholic told Good Morning Britain.

Giselle Mannering described the demands on young children and teenagers with addict parents, after the charity ChildLine announced calls to its helpline about family members with substance abuse problems had doubled in the last year.

"You have to cover things up. You have to deal with all the rubbish that is going on at home - the arguments, the drinking, the lack of parental support at home...and then you have to go into school and perform."

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