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Worst Balkan floods for 100 years claim more lives

The worst flooding in the Balkans since records began has killed at least 30 people in Serbia and Bosnia and forced tens of thousands to flee their homes.

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Baby airlifted to safety during deadly Balkan floods

Dramatic footage from Belgrade has shown a mother and baby being airlifted from a house after floods ravaged parts of Serbia and neighbouring Bosnia.

Thousands of people in the Balkans have been evacuated from their homes over the past few days as the region was hit by the heaviest rainfall since measuring started 120 years ago.

The Associated Press news agency, which provided the video, reports that an estimated 20 people have died in Bosnia and Serbia as a result of the flooding.

Nationwide emergency measures were declared after rain-swollen rivers have flooded roads, cut off power and caused more than 200 landslides.

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