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China 'summons US ambassador' amid cyber-spying row

China has summoned the US ambassador to Beijing, Max Baucus, after the US named five Chinese military personnel accused of cyber-spying on American companies, state news agency Xinhua reports.

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China slams 'made-up' US claims of cyber-spying

US Attorney General Eric Holder said the case indicates the threat cyber crime poses.

China has hit back at US claims that military officials targeted American companies and stole trade secrets, insisting that the allegations are "made up" and would "damage" relations between the two countries.

Five Chinese individuals have been indicted in the US on on cyber espionage charges, but Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang urged "immediate rectification".

"China is a staunch defender of network security, and the Chinese government, military and associated personnel have never engaged in online theft of trade secrets," he said in a statement.

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