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Calls for schools to teach life-saving skills

First aid classes should be introduced in schools, according to St John Ambulance. A poll collected by the charity said 96% of teachers wanted to see children taught life-saving skills in school.

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First aid as vital as 'learning to cross the road' safely

First aid should be as integral to growing up as "learning to cross the road" properly, St John Ambulance have said.

Wendy Human, director of charitable initiatives and training at the first aid charity said:

At St John Ambulance we believe that first aid should be as much a part of growing up as learning to cross the road.

It's so easy to learn and can have such an incredible impact on people's lives, but because it's not compulsory on the national curriculum, only a minority of schoolchildren would know what to do if one of their classmates, or a member of their family, became ill or injured.

It only takes an hour to learn how to save a life but it could be the most important lesson your students ever learn.

We hope teachers take this opportunity and sign up for the Big First Aid Lesson.

– Wendy Human

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