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Calls for schools to teach life-saving skills

First aid classes should be introduced in schools, according to St John Ambulance. A poll collected by the charity said 96% of teachers wanted to see children taught life-saving skills in school.

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First aid 'should be taught in schools'

Children should learn first aid in the classroom according to a poll from a leading health charity.

Teachers were overwhelmingly in favour of teaching children first aid. Credit: PA

St John's Ambulance said young adults should learn basic lifesaving skills and the overwhelming majority of teachers (96%) were in favour.

Over two thirds of teachers (67%) admitted their school did not offer first aid classes, opposed to the 21% that did.

The poll, which questioned 1,157 teachers in England, also found that more than half (57%) think that first aid would need to be part of the national curriculum in order for more schools to take the subject seriously, St John Ambulance said.

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