South Korea's president vows to disband coastguard

South Korea's president announced the country's coastguard will be disbanded, in a televised apology and speech.

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South Korea's president bowed deeply before her emotional statement and apology. Credit: AP Photos.

Park Geun-hye said the rescue operations after the April 16 disaster a failure, and she would push for legislation that would transfer the coastguard's responsibilities to the National Police Agency and a new government body she plans to establish.

More than a month after the sinking, 286 bodies have been retrieved but 18 others are still missing. Some 172 people, including 22 of the ship's 29 crew members, survived.


Death of South Korea ferry boss confirmed

South Korean police has said that a body found last month in the south of the country belonged to a fugitive businessman who headed the family that owned the operator of a ferry that capsized in April, killing more than 300 people.