Harry Enfield hits out at former BBC director general

Comedian and actor Harry Enfield criticised former BBC director-general Mark Thompson for not standing up for the corporation.

Harry Enfield. Credit: PA

Speaking to the Radio Times, he said Thompson would "just sack someone if anyone criticised it," when he should have "come out fighting."

"The problem is under Mark Thompson, [the BBC] didn't stand up for itself. It would just sack someone if anyone criticised it.

"Like Peter Fincham when he was sacked, when he so-called resigned, Thompson should have come out and said, 'OK, he said this thing that was slightly inaccurate about the Queen because he was briefed by a private company that's come in because everything has to be private now."

"You know, come out fighting instead of whingeing. He didn't do that. It was a bad thing for the BBC and put it on a bad footing for the future..."