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Ed Miliband slips up on the campaign trail

Ed Miliband was caught out in a regional radio interview when he was unable to identify his party's leader on the local borough council and appeared not to know the authority was Conservative-led. He also had a tough time on Good Morning Britain.

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Miliband latest politician to slip up on cost of shop items

Labour leader Ed Miliband is the latest politician to be caught out on the cost of everyday items after he struggled to name the average cost of a weekly shop for a family, during an interview with Good Morning Britain.

Ed Miliband on ITV's Good Morning Britain this morning. Credit: Good Morning Britain/ITV

David Cameron was tripped up last year when he claimed the price of budget supermarket bread was "well north of a pound", when at the time it was 47p.

He later claimed he did not know the price because he had a breadmaker at home.

London Mayor Boris Johnson told BBC presenter Jeremy Paxman that a pint of milk cost "about 80p or something like that".

Shortly after being elected Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg was challenged by a caller on an ITV News local show about how much state pensioners received. The Deputy Prime Minister said "about 30 quid" when the figure at the time was £90.70 a week for a single person.

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