People 'most reluctant' to seek help for dementia

Dementia has emerged as the disease people are most reluctant to look for help for, a leading health charity found.

In a separate online survey of 2,358 British adults, YouGov found:

  • Some 57% of adults who have had a health problem in the past year have put off seeking help about it, nearly half of them because they thought they would be "making a fuss".
  • A further 23% of those who had put off seeking help said it was because they feared it was a serious health problem, such as dementia.

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'Over half' of dementia sufferers put off visiting doctor

More than half of dementia sufferers admitted to waiting over six months after first noticing symptoms to contact a doctor, a survey from a health charity found. The Alzheimer's Society said 54% put off visiting their GP for at least half a year.