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Police cuts make 'nearly two thirds' feel unsafe

Nearly two thirds of the public feel unsafe because of the effect cuts to police budgets during austerity have had, according to fresh data. The Police Federation said 63% of people felt their personal safety was put at risk by further budget cuts.

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Police survey 'dispels any doubt' over public feeling

Police Federation findings that two thirds of the British public feel further cuts to force budgets would put their safety in jeopardy "dispels any lingering doubt" over the long-term effects of the austerity programme, according to a police chief.

Outgoing Police Federation chairman Steve Williams said:

This survey surely dispels any lingering doubt the public would be alarmed about the effect falling numbers of police officers will have on their personal safety.

If British policing is to be able to operate to its capacity and bring justice to the millions of victims of crime, then it is vital that we protect and increase officer numbers.

Without sufficient numbers of officers, it will be ever more difficult to perform our vital role.

The public is clearly concerned without sufficient numbers of police officers, the ability of forces to protect and serve the public will be severely hampered.

– Steve Williams

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