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Ed Miliband slips up on the campaign trail

Ed Miliband was caught out in a regional radio interview when he was unable to identify his party's leader on the local borough council and appeared not to know the authority was Conservative-led. He also had a tough time on Good Morning Britain.

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  1. Simon Harris - ITV News London Political Correspondent

Labour leader Ed Miliband denies 'campaign fatigue'

Labour leader Ed Miliband denied today he was suffering from campaign fatigue after a series of election gaffes.

Labour Leader Ed Miliband during a public meeting in April. Credit: Danny Lawson/PA

In the most embarrassing blunder Mr Miliband failed to recognise the name of Labour's local council chief in Swindon, Jim Grant.

In an interview with ITV News Mr Miliband revealed he later spoke to Cllr Grant to apologise.

Asked if he was exhausted, he replied "No".

"Look, this is what happens on campaigns. You have good days and not so good days.

You know I think this is much less about whether party leaders can remember a particular person and much more about the difference we can make to the country."

Mr Miliband's failure to recognise Cllr Grant came during a local radio interview.

"I did speak to him yesterday. I said I was sorry that I had momentarily slipped my mind the role that he plays.

I think these elections are not a memory test of party leaders, they're a test of party policies and the difference we can make to the country."

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