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Poll: Ukip 'set to win' European elections race

A poll claims Ukip will come out on top at the European elections, with the Conservatives in third place for the first time in history. According to the latest YouGov/The Sun poll, Labour will come second, the Greens fourth and the Lib Dems after.

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European election: 'We are facing a political earthquake'

A poll published by The Sun newspaper claims Ukip will win the European election, gaining 22 MEPs.

ITV New Political Editor Tom Bradby said: "It's only a poll, but it does look like we are facing a bit of a political earthquake - certainly a protest vote, the like of which we perhaps haven't seen."

According to the poll of 6,000 voters, both Ukip and Labour would send 22 MEPs to Brussels, while the Tories would secure 16 seats.

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