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Putin attacks Prince Charles over 'Hitler comments'

Russian president Vladimir Putin has described the Prince of Wales's reported comparison of him with Adolf Hitler as "unacceptable" and said such remarks were "not what monarchs do".

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Royals 'not supposed to go around upsetting countries'

Dr Andrew Blick, a lecturer in politics at King's College, London, has said that it was a bad idea constitutionally for the Prince to make controversial political pronouncements, saying he is "supposed to be politically neutral."

Speaking of the royal reportedly comparing Vladimir Putin to Hitler he said:

They are not directly elected like modern presidents and the strength of the system, the justification for having a hereditary head of state is having someone who is not part of the political system.

They are not supposed to go around upsetting other countries, whether or not he may be right or wrong.

It is not like he is 18 years old and he is going to grow out of this, he is probably pretty much set in his ways.

I imagine it is going to be very hard for him to stop doing it, that would be my guess.

– Dr Andrew Blick, King's College

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