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Woman found decade after being kidnapped

A woman who was 15 when she disappeared 10 years ago in California told police she was forced to marry her captor and have a child. Police have arrested Isidro Garcia, 41, on suspicion of kidnapping, rape, child abuse and false imprisonment.

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Alleged kidnap victim 'so happy' to be home

The house where the alleged victim and her husband most recently lived. Credit: APTN

A Californian woman who claims she has been held captive by a man for a decade says she is "so happy" to be back with her family.

"I'm so happy and God-blessed to be with my family. That's what I want all the time. All the time, I cry for them, more for my mom and my sisters," she told local news station KABC TV.

She said 41-year-old Isidro Garcia forced her to marry him and beat her every time she tried to leave.

"He worked hard for me and my daughter and he bought everything I want, but I need love of my family - not things," she said.

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