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eBay users urged to change passwords after hacking

eBay has urged its users to change their passwords after the website's database - containing names and contact details of customers - was compromised by hackers.

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  1. Chris Choi

Ebay hacked: What to do now to protect your accounts

A login page of eBay with a made up user name. Credit: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

A cyber security expert has given this step by step guide on what to do after the eBay attack.

Step 1: Password change

– Immediately change your password. See Ntegra's recommendations on strong passwords by clicking here.

Step 2: Change other accounts using the same credentials

  • If you use the same username and/or password elsewhere, change your password there also.

Step 3: Check your delivery address

  • Check your delivery addresses on eBay for fraudulent addresses, a hacker could use your account and have goods delivered elsewhere. Delete unused addresses immediately.

With thanks to Ntegra.

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