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Voters still choose Labour despite 'unpopular' Miliband

A poll by former Conservative party deputy chairman Lord Ashcroft has found Labour could win "a comfortable majority" in the 2015 general election.

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  1. Romilly Weeks

Lib Dems and Tories wait on Kingston upon Thames

This hall has just burst into action. What they're doing along the tables at the moment, split into the wards of Kingston upon Thames, is verifying the white ballot papers of the European elections.

Soon the main work of the night will begin, which is counting the local election results.

Those results will be watched very closely by both the Liberal Democrats and the Tories because Kingston upon Thames has been a Liberal Democrat stronghold for 12 years.

It is the backyard of Liberal Democrat ministers Vince Cable and Ed Davey.

But it is looking very vulnerable to the Tories. If there's going to be a Conservative gain it's likely to be Kingston upon Thames.

This area will declare around 5am tomorrow morning but for the European election results, you'll have to wait until Sunday.

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