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Tesco bans sweets from check-outs

Sweets and chocolate at check-outs in every Tesco store will be removed by the end of the year, the retailer has announced. The move comes after the supermarket found nearly two-thirds of customers wanted confectionary removed from the till.

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Tesco: 'We want to help customers lead healthier lives'

Tesco have banned sweets at the checkout because they "want to help our customers lead healthier lives", according to their chief executive.

Tesco head Philip Clarke said:

We all know how easy it is to be tempted by sugary snacks at the checkout, and we want to help our customers lead healthier lives.

We've already removed billions of calories from our soft drinks, sandwiches and ready meal ranges by changing the recipes to reduce their sugar, salt and fat content.

And we will continue to look for opportunities to take out more.

We're doing this now because our customers have told us that removing sweets and chocolates from checkouts will help them make healthier choices.

– Philip Clarke

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