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Independent Scotland 'would need to triple migration'

Scotland needs almost 500,000 migrants over the next 20 years to achieve the same balance of pensioners and working-age adults as the UK, according to the Treasury.

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Independent Scotland's immigration policy 'flexible'

Independence would allow Scotland to have a "flexible" immigration policy to suit the country's economic need, the Scottish Government's Finance Secretary has said.

A spokesman for John Swinney MSP defended the Scottish Government's plans for independence, after the Treasury said net migration would need to triple to achieve the same age balance as the UK.

Net migration to Scotland is already more than 10,000 a year and independence will allow us to have a flexible policy to suit our economic needs, unlike UK immigration policy which is harming Scotland.

– Spokesman for Finance Secretary John Swinney

The spokesman also accused the Government of pandering "to a Ukip agenda" by playing "the immigration card".

The Treasury projected an annual net migration to Scotland of 7,000, but said the rate needed to mirror the UK's balance of pensioners and working-age adults would be 24,000 per year.

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