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'More than 50 killed' in Donetsk fighting

Pro-Russian rebels have said the death toll during two days of fighting in the eastern Ukraine city of Donetsk has now risen to 50. Ukraine's military launched a strike on rebels who had taken the international airport in the eastern city.

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'No new Cold War' says Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin. Credit: Reuters

Russian President Vladimir Putin has dismissed talk of a new Cold War over the Ukraine crisis.

The former KGB agent blamed the unrest in the country on the West and said sanctions on the US and European Union would rebound.

He also denied trying to rebuild the Soviet Union after reclaiming Crimea and pledged he would work with whoever is elected in Ukraine this weekend.

"I would not like to think this is the start of a new Cold War. It is in no one's interest and I think it will not happen," he said.

The crisis has plunged East-West relations to their lowest level since the Cold War ended in 1991.

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