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Voters still choose Labour despite 'unpopular' Miliband

A poll by former Conservative party deputy chairman Lord Ashcroft has found Labour could win "a comfortable majority" in the 2015 general election.

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David Davis calls for early EU exit vote over Ukip fears

David Cameron faced demands yesterday to hold an early referendum on Europe as a poll by a Tory peer showed Labour on course for victory at next year’s general election.

In an article for The Sunday Times (£), David Davis, a standard bearer of the Tory right, warned that Cameron’s policy position on the European Union lacks “both clarity and credibility”.

Former Conservative minister and shadow home secretary Credit: PA

He wrote: "We appear to be moving crab-like towards a referendum in 2017, without a clearly articulated set of strategic negotiating aims that might make it worthwhile to stay in the EU, or a clear vision of what we will do if the people decide they want to leave.

"We should start by bringing the referendum forward to 2016. The reform negotiation has barely got under way, precisely because the date is so distant [...] if we do not grasp this nettle, I can see the UKIP resurgence carrying all the way through to the general election".

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