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Parents mount legal challenge to term-time holiday ban

A group of parents are fighting for a judicial review against Michael Gove's tightening of restrictions preventing parents from taking their children out of school for a family holiday during term-time.

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Legal challenge to term-time holiday ban launched

Fed up parents have launched a campaign for a judicial review against Michael Gove's tougher penalties for taking children out of school during term-time for a family holiday.

Parents can be fined up to £60 per child that they take out of school, which extends to £120 if not paid within seven days. Credit: PA

Campaign group, Parents Want A Say (PWAS), are seeking a review against the school of a 10-year-old boy with Aspergers, who has been prevented on taking a trip with his parents to Spain next month.

According to his mother, Daniel Bales gets "very anxious" around noise and heat, so the family need to take a trip before the summer high season.

Michael Gove's ended a policy allowing schools to grant up to 10 days leave per year for family holidays in special circumstances.

Parents who take their children away without the school's permission face a maximum fine of £60 per pupil.

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