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Leaders set to review EU's agenda after Eurosceptic surge

European leaders will review the economic area's agenda after voters "sent a strong message" in the election which saw a surge from Eurosceptic parties, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy has said.

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Ukip gains MEP in Scotland after knife-edge contest

Ukip has gained an MEP in Scotland after a knife-edge European election contest.

Nigel Farage's party dominated the vote in England but only narrowly secured an MEP north of the border, securing 10.4% of the vote giving them the sixth and final seat available in Scotland.

In Scotland, the SNP received the highest share of the vote leaving them with two MEPs, Labour finished second but also kept two seats and the Tories managed to keep their single MEP.

  • SNP - 28.9% leaving them with 2 MEPs
  • Labour - 25.9% leaving them with 2 MEPs
  • Conservatives - 17.2% leaving them with 1 MEP
  • Ukip - 10.4% leaving them with 1 MEP

The Liberal Democrats won just 7.1% of the vote meaning they lost their only MEP in Scotland, while the Green Party ended up with 8% but failed to gain an MEP.

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