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Leaders set to review EU's agenda after Eurosceptic surge

European leaders will review the economic area's agenda after voters "sent a strong message" in the election which saw a surge from Eurosceptic parties, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy has said.

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  1. Martin Geissler

Ukip's Scottish gain will disappoint SNP

David Coburn, UKIP's first and only Scottish MEP. Credit: Wullie Marr/EMPICS Entertainment

The SNP have won the vote but failed in their ambition after Ukip gained a seat in the European elections.

Alex Salmond's party said very publicly last week that they wanted three of Scotland's six European seats.

That would have kept Ukip completely off the political spectrum here, and they've failed in that regard.

While Ukip gained only a "toehold" with around 10% of the vote, the poll means they now have elected representation north of the border for the first time.

It's not a disaster for the SNP, but it's not been a good 24 hours either.

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