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600,000 dishwashers 'unaccounted for' in safety recall

An ITV News investigation has found hundreds of thousands of dishwashers remain unaccounted for despite safety recalls over fire fears.

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Factfile: Bosch and Hotpoint dishwashers safety recall

An ITV News investigation has found more than 600,000 dishwashers that were recalled due to fire hazard concerns are still unaccounted for.

Hotpoint said it was aware of a "small number of cases" where an electrical component had failed in the appliance, which could lead to overheating and "in rare cases a potential fire hazard".

According to the research:

  • More than 844,000 dishwashers were sold with a fault that can cause fires
  • So far, Bosch has traced 187,043 appliances and Hotpoint has found 8,295
  • That means a total of 648,662 remain unaccounted for
  • Bosch reports there have been 410 incidents in people's homes
  • Hotpoint reports 38 such incidents

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