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Treasury takes record £23.9bn after targeting tax avoidance

The Treasury have collected a record £23.9 billion in the last year after closing in big business and tax avoidance schemes, HM Revenue and Customs announced.

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Govt: Collection of £23.9bn 'sends a clear signal'

The collection of a record £23.9 billion by HMRC "sends a clear signal" to those who try to avoid paying tax, the Government have said.

Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury David Gauke said:

The Government supports the hard-working, honest majority of taxpayers that play by the rules, and is determined to tackle the minority that seek to avoid paying the taxes they owe.

We set HMRC ambitious targets to increase its yield and the figures published today demonstrate that HMRC is successfully meeting these challenges.

It also sends a clear signal - HMRC will pursue those seeking to avoid their responsibilities and will collect the taxes that are due.

– David Gauke

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