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Treasury takes record £23.9bn after targeting tax avoidance

The Treasury have collected a record £23.9 billion in the last year after closing in big business and tax avoidance schemes, HM Revenue and Customs announced.

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HMRC announce £23.9bn record haul

A record £23.9 billion in tax has been collected after a series of investigations led by HM Revenue and Customs, according to official figures.

Almost £3 billion was recovered by challenging tax avoidance schemes in the courts. Credit: PA

The total was up £3.2 billion on the previous year and £9 billion on three years ago, and is nearly £1 billion above the target set by Chancellor George Osborne in his 2013 autumn statement, said HM Revenue and Customs.

Over £8 billion was collected from big business, a further £1 billion from criminals and another £2.7 billion was taken by tackling avoidance schemes in the courts, taxmen said.

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